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The Texas Association of Venues & Facilities is a close group that likes to give hugs instead of hand shakes. And for that reason, it's fitting that our "Help Us Grow" membership drive happens to have the acronym H.U.G.

As a member, you've seen how often ideas and feedback are shared between facilities and other members.
So naturally we want to expand our membership base to bring in new ideas and new products to help all of
Texas continue to be one of the best places in the nation to host a meeting or event.

The information regarding our H.U.G. member drive is below, but if you'd rather chat in person you're
always welcome to contact a board member or email us at

  • Membership annual cycle is Feb. 1 to Jan. 31. 

  • Access to open discussion forums to discuss challenges or present questions to other members to gain insight into best practices or achieve solutions

  • Access to bi-monthly meetings which includes lunch, tour of a facility, and networking opportunities

  • Access to Annual Conference with education sessions on relevant topics

  • Access to special offers specifically for TxAVF members from industry vendors

  • Listing on TxAVF website with facility description and photos available for public searches on the internet

  • $25 check payable to you or credited to your yearly dues.

  • Use these FAQ's as a guide when talking to new members:

    Q: How much are dues?
    $175 for a single facility*
    $200 for multiple-facilities*
    $200 for partners (or, "vendors")
    $175 for associates (or, "under construction")
    *Note: there is a one-time, non-recurring
    $25 administrative fee for new members

    Q: When is renewal?
    A: On February 1 of each calendar year

    Q: Is it $200 per facility in the multi-facility membership level?
    A: No, it is just $200 for the entire group. Whether you have two facilities or 10, it is the $200 rate. Please note the facility group must all be within the same organization (ex: all are city departments or all are managed by CVB, etc). If each facility has separate management team, a separate budget, autonomy from each other, and are not tied together in any way, then they would fall under the "single facility" level rate of $175 each.

    Q: How many organizational contacts can I list with my account?
    A: Unlimited!

    Q: How much are member luncheons?
    A: It is a membership benefit and is free for any member whose dues are current.

    Have a member that's ready to join? Click the link below to open a new page that you can email directly - or, get their information over the phone and help them complete their registration!

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